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The Shop is the back page user interface where you can find any in-game items such as ships, ammunition, extra's, bonus boxes, and even booty keys. These items are regularly available to purchase or bid in auction on, while more rare items can only be found during special events or scavenged throughout the map system.

Категории товаров[]

В магазине есть много типов товаров. Эти товары можно купить за один из двух видов валюты: кредиты или уридиум. Товары в магазине распределяются на такие категории, как:


  • Корабли, которые после покупки можно найти в ангаре.



  • Anything from an LF-3 laser to an HST-2 rocket launcher


  • Any ammo such as batteries, rockets, and special ammo which is available during events


  • Генераторы щита или двигатели могут быть найдены тут.


  • Different CPU chips which are equipped and do various capabilities, or even Log-Disks


  • Where the P.E.T. 10 is found, fuel for it, and gears which give the P.E.T. orders)


  • Chips that increase the P.E.T.'s stats, only available once you have the P.E.T.)


  • Boost your ship's stats with various elite boosters


  • Any skin for a ship is found here, also skill designs


  • Alter the appearance of extras like Drone

Collected items[]

Collected items are the collectible material found on the maps which contain various rewards, depending on the type of box collected.

  • Boxes (floating material found at random locations with different rewards)
  • Cargo (floating raw ore that is left my destroyed aliens or players)
  • Pirate Booty (alien cargo left by the pirates which require a key to open)