Old 2-1 Map

Old 2-1


New 2-1

2-1 is the starter map of EIC and is the home base which is located at the top right. There is also a Repair Station, Hangar, Trade Station and Mission Control just like as other companies home maps.



As an EIC playerEdit

All EIC players here have protection, even if they're not a new player. This means that there's no PvP here. Players from other companies show on the minimap as red dots with orange dotted lines around them that do not disappear until they use the jump portal. The only Aliens here are Streuners, the first enemies that every player will encounter. It is virtually impossible to go from the base to the portal without seeing one.

The EIC base is a Demilitarized Zone, which means you can't attack anything in there. However, it is a trading area, which means you can sell your cargo, equipt your ship, and buy whatever you need.

As an EnemyEdit

Players from the other companies rarely get in here, so the people who get in are lucky. It is best to minimize your time here, as a strong EIC could show up and start shooting you. Also, you'll show up as a red dot with orange dotted lines around it to EICs on the minimap, so some curious newbies may take a look.

Since this is not your home base, everything you can do is limited here. The use of a galaxy gate as a Demilitarized Zone may be possible.

Invasion Rating: Extremly Low

Company Kill : Impossible