New 4-4


4-4 is the main map where you PvP against other players. The same rules apply as the other Battle Maps; if you are being attacked, you are not able to use the jump function. 4-4 leads to all of the upper areas, X-5 , X-6 and so on. It is cautioned to not go explore this area unless you are prepared to fight. You will normally travel safely through this map, but keep in mind that there will be players waiting to jump you on the other side. Overall, 4-4 is the main path to travel from lowers to uppers or vice versa, so beware that many ships use this way very often.

Ways of getting through this map unharmed are to cloak yourself, have Promerium on your ship ready, or use an advanced jump CPU. If you are on level 12 or higher, if you die; you will respawn on X-8, so you will be able to get back on 4-4 quickly. If you are level 11 or less, try to leave this map as fast as possible if you are traveling to the uppers, because you will respawn on X-1


  • Various quests by killing other players or collecting their cargo.