Overview Edit

An Alien is a hostile ship that can be one of the main threats to any company and players, due to there being many varieties and types found throughout the orbit. Every alien has a commander which in most cases is a mothership alien, these are huge and should be fighted against with big caution.

Many aliens are passive (do not attack on sight) and the rest being aggressive (attack any player on sight). All aliens are considered as a NPC (non-playable character) and many versions of a single alien can be found with different stats. The different versions of an alien can vary between it's visuals and are usually stronger in damage/health but with a greater reward for compensation.

If you ever need help in finding where an alien is located, please visit the location of aliens page.

Alien types Edit

Below are all the different types of aliens in separate categories:

Please select a category page for more information.

NormalAlienIcon BossAlienIcon UberAlienIcon MothershipAlienIcon
Normal aliens Boss aliens Uber aliens Mothership aliens
Weakest with basic reward x4 stronger than normal and has x4 the reward x8 stronger than normal and has x8 the reward Massive ships with high HP, damage, and reward
PirateAlienIcon LoWAlienIcon ZetaAlienIcon RareAlienIcon
Pirate aliens LoW (Lord of War) aliens Zeta aliens Rare aliens
Few types, only found in the 5-X map system Many types, only found in X-3 maps & Epsilon Gate Few types only found in Zeta Gate Only appear for a short time during special events
Emperor Aliens
Emperor Kristallon-0
The strongest alien in the game is the Mindfire Behemoth.

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