A boss alien four times stronger version of the normal alien. They vary from size, shape, and have some different graphics which the regular version may not have. The four times stronger statistics of these Alien effect the Shields, HP, and inflict four times the damage. The postitive side of fighting a stronger alien is that they provide better cargo drops which include Xenomit, occasionally Log-Disks, and rare chance for a Booster.


Boss Alien can be found in:

List of Boss AlienEdit


  • Remember, bosses are 4 times as strong as the normal version of an Alien, but a clue is given in the fact that a now old update has made the Boss Alien's look slightly different to their regular or Uber counterparts. If you struggle to destroy the normal version of an Alien, be careful not to pick a fight with the boss version.
  • Mothership bosses are sometimes accompanied by other ships, making them even tougher.
  • Bosses rarely drop log-disks, don't expect to win one every time you kill a boss.


  • Alien that do not have a Boss or Uber version are: Cubikon, Protegits, Pirates, LoW, Ice Meteoroids, Icys, Super Ice Meteoroid, Binary Bot, and Zeta Gate Alien.