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Auction is the new item and currency trading system that was previously named Trade. This is where players can bid on elite items using Credits and the winner at the end of each auction keeps the item if it was the higher bid. This is an alternative way to earning new items without having to use uridium.

When placing a bid, you might not always beat the highest bidder and consider that even if your name appears to be winning now, a player can still outbid you in the last seconds of the auction. You can verify the winner by seeing an in-game pop-up stating you have won. You can also now see the current highest bid which previously in Trade you could not.

There is also now a filter to help find what you are looking for. While it does not go to the exact item you want you can pick out the type (lasers, generators, designs, etc).


If you try to copy your credit amount, you will be bidding the amount of the first number. 12,345,678 credits will be actually bidding 12 credits

Auction House Edit


You are displayed with what is currently the highest bid on the item auctioned, as well as your most recent big on the item to the right.


There is now a filter that you can use to select the item you want. While it only goes to the category of the item it is a big improvement over the huge stack you had to look though before.

Notifications Edit

You will receive in-game messages when.

  • You have won a bid.
  • Someone made a higher bid.
  • The auction ended without you making a higher bid.

You Can Disable these Configuration Messages by Going to the Auction House and click at the tick box at the bottom of the Auction and prevent the Auction from sending the configuration messages to you

Important infoEdit

  • During certain events you will also find special Event Items in the Auction House.
  • Event-related items (for selected events only and only when the event is running)
  • When someone makes a higher bid - and that is important for the daily and weekly auctions - you will immediately get the Credits back that you have reserved for this auction. The next time you make an offer, you have to enter the full amount again. Also: if your bid is too low, no Credits will be taken ("reserved") from your account.
  • You must bid at least 10,000 credits and you must bid at least 10,000 credits greater than another person bidding on the same item.

Timeframe of biddingEdit

Hourly auctions Edit

Current elite items that are available to bid on every hour are listed below:

Daily auctions Edit

These are elite items that bidding lasts 1 day (24 hours).

Weekly auctions Edit

These are elite items in which the bidding lasts 1 week (7 days).

Tips Edit

  • Starting off with small bids is usually easier than starting off high.
  • Bidding late when players are usually offline around 11pm-5am gives you an advantage. This does not apply to daily and weekly auctions because the time frame is too large for anyone to miss a bid.