Banking is the access page where you can use Payment methods to purchase Uridium, Premium account status, Advantage Packs, or use a service for free uridium called Cash For Action. You can get to this page by clicking the 'Uridium' tab and it is the first page seen when getting there.

Banking Multiplier's Edit

When you have received a Banking Multilpier, this is the page which lets you know you have one. The top row tells you which multilpier you have, e.g: You have a x2 Banking Multiplier, use it on your next purchase! A multiplier doesn't work in combination with Happy Hour (2x uridium) and Mega Happy Hour (3x uridium).

Promotion code's Edit

You can also use promotion code's to receive an 10% bonus. Not only you, but also the person who the code's are from get's the 10% bonus (or a gift worth around the same amount of uridium). This can be used in combination with an Happy Hour or Mega Happy Hour. This can however only be used by the first purchase.