A Battery is a type of ammunition that can only be used by a laser cannon. Each shot fired from your ship's laser cannons uses a single battery round (1). This also depends on how many laser cannons you have equipped.

Lcb-10 100x100
Mcb-25 100x100
Mcb-50 100x100
Ucb-100 100x100hd
Sab-50 100x100
Rsb-75 100x100
Cbo-100 100x100
Job-100 100x100
Pib-100 100x100
Rb-214 100x100

List of batteriesEdit

Normal types Edit

Regular batteries that only deal damage (x means the multiplied amount of damage dealt).

Special Edit

Unique batteries that have abilities and can also deal damage.

  • CBO-100
  • JOB-100 x3.5 damage to aliens (x2 damage to players)
  • PIB-100 x4 (infects other players when shot)
  • RB-214 x4 (x8 when fighting Demaner Freighters)

Additional info chartEdit

Battery Cost per unit Damage multiplier/Description
LCB-10 10 Credits x1 (the weakest ammo)
MCB-25 0.5 Uridium x2
MCB-50 1 Uridium x3
UCB-100 4 Uridium (Via shop if available) x4 (only obtained from

Galaxy Gates completion or building -or- secret cubikon map (in bonus boxes) and limited times in shop)

RSB-75 5 Uridium x6 (the most powerful ammo. After 1 shot/volley it takes less than 2 seconds to recharge)
SAB-50 1 Uridium Special: Drains target's shield and recharges the attackers. Does the same absorption effect as x2 of your damage.
CBO-100 5 Uridium

Special: Inflicts x3 damage just as MCB-50 as well as has half of the shield effect from SAB-50.

JOB-100 0.5 Uridium Special: Inflicts x2 damage in PvP and x3.5 in PvE
PIB-100 25 Uridium Special: Inflicts x4 damange and infect other players when shot
RB-214 5 Uridium Special: Inflicts x4 damage to other players and x8 to Demaner Freighter

Battery colors Edit



A chart showing the different laser color effects. The right side is with the skill Bounty Hunter 2 maxed (fat lasers).

You get this color by default. All laser cannons with LCB-10 will shoot red.


Blue battery color is when you have all LF-3 laser cannons equipped in your weapon slot. You then use either LCB-10 or MCB-25 ammo.


Green battery color is the same as above, having full LF-3 laser cannons plus using MCB-50 ammo.


White laser colors are from UCB-100 ammo, you can have any laser cannons to fire this color.

Yellow rapid fireEdit

This fast type of laser color comes from using RSB-75, which is called Rapid Salvo Battery. Any laser cannons can be used.

Blue sonar circlesEdit

You get these by using a shield leech battery called SAD-50 (shield absorbing battery). Any laser cannons can be used.

Purple/White ballEdit

Purple/White battery that resembles a soccer ball is rare ammo that laser color is gained by using a rare ammunition called CBO-100 and is limited to special events. Any type of laser cannon can be used.

Fat lasers Edit

When using a full LF-4 weapon setup, the laser color shot is red (can be tested with one LF-4 on a phoenix ship).

To gain fat laser colors, you need to upgrade your Skill Tree by using log-disks on skills. Specifically the skill is called Bounty Hunter 2 which needs to be maxed.

Rainbow Edit

To get rainbow lasers you need to type "iwantrainbows" (not on chat). First time typed grants you with a secret achievement.
Rainbow laser
Laser don't give extra stats, and the effect is deactivated after changing map and after some time.

Other lasers Edit

Some of these were found in the files of the game and were used in the April Fools 2015:
Arrow laser
Axe laser
Dagger laser
Rb214 laser
Spear laser
Staff laser