Max Hit points 160,000 HP
Max Nano Hull 150,000
Cost 285,000 Credits
Speed 260
Lasers 8
Generators 15
Batteries Unlimited
Rockets Unlimited
Extra 3
Cargo 700
With Cargo Expander 1400
Cargo as Premium Member 1200
Cargo as Premium Member with Cargo Expander 2400
Destroy Rewards
Official Description
The Bigboy is a ship for beginner-intermediate players. It has pathetic speed and armory, but more shield capacity than the other credit ships.

BigBoy is the first Battlecruiser size ship. It has decent HP and has the second highest number of available generators (tied with Goliath but both ships have fewer generators than the Citadel). The downside to the ship is the low slot availability with eight laser slots and a slow base speed at 260. It is better off to get a Vengeance or Nostromo, especially since both are faster and have decent firepower (Vengeance has a better overall stat compared to the BigBoy).There has been a recent update which also featured the return of the Nostromo ship and the BigBoy were added another laser slot and an extra 32,000 HP including additional features. BigBoy was also released with a new default design. The new cost for the BigBoy is set at 285,000 Credits.

Using in battleEdit

A BigBoy is normally good against larger aliens such as the Sibelon and Kristallon but anything faster is likely to escape with the wrong configuration. They are also not that strong in PvP battles unless it's a Full-Elite. Otherwise, your limited choice will be to run and being a slow ship, you'll easily be chased down by the much faster ships such as the Vengeance.



  • Costs credits
    • Easily replaced
  • Toughest ship that can be bought using credits(Non-auction bought).
    • 160,000 base HP
    • 15 Generator slots


  • Expensive, costing much more than the faster Nostromo
  • Slow, with a max speed of 410
  • Lower base firepower than all uridium ships bar the Leonov and the recently introduced Spearhead.


The BigBoy used to have a red design around 2008, but is no longer available in the game. One can still have this design only through the random methods of the WIZ-Xrockets.

However, there is good news for BigBoy pilots, as the recent game update (May of 2013) included the Solemn design for the BigBoy for the low price of 150,000 credits. The design gives a +10% experience boost, much like the Adept for the Vengeance or the Veteran for the Goliath.