Binary Bot


Hit points 100,000-800,000
Shield 300,000-1,200,000
Average Damage 1,800-20,000
Base Speed 280-300
Destroy Rewards
EP 51,200 - 256,000 Honor 156 - 780
Credits 406,900 - 2,048,000 Uridium 128 - 640
Official Description
Usually comes out during special events.
What a binary bot looks like in-game.

Binary Bot (sometimes shown as 1100101) is rare alien that appears only during a special event, the last known time was during a Winterfest in 2012.

Although it has a high shield with a high shield absorption, it has a very low hitpoints in comparison making it an easy kill once you've picked off its shield. New players should beware of these alien.

The Binary Bot is somewhat like a mothership in the way that rewards are split between everyone who attacked it. The more damage you do, the more rewards you get. If you are going solo against it, you get the full rewards.

IMG 1630.jpg


The Binary Bot shoots WIZ for rockets in addition to red lasers. If you are a weak player in a small ship, it is strongly recommended that you don't take this one on alone. If you are a stronger player then you should take it down with no problem.

If you are taking the Binary Bot down outside the comfort of your X-2 map, beware of notorious company killers killing you to get the bot, despite the fact that you would still get some of the reward if you did get killed.

Binary bot reward

Solo Tactics[]

WARNING: The Binary bots, "referee Bots" during the 2014 FIFA World Cup require you to use CBC-100. DO NOT waste your time. The costs out weigh the rewards GREATLY.

Binary Bots are easy to solo providing you have a strong ship. You will need:


  • Find a binary bot.
  • Shoot at it to get its attention. It will shoot back with red lasers and WIZ-X rockets. Drain its shields with SAB-50 which does help although it can be done with simple LCB-10 ammo depending on how much damage you do. Use regular rockets to deal additional damage.
  • If you use SAB-50 to drain its shield and its shield is depleted, switch to normal laser batteries


With the release of the SAR rockets, you can drain its shield faster and get some shield back too.


  • Located in all maps (except X-1 maps).
  • Appearance is random.
  • Message will show up when one is on your map.
  • Splits rewards between everyone who attacked it when killed.


The Binary bot during carneval and other festive special events.

IMG 1600.jpg

Cargo Drop[]

The Cargo drops vary according to what map the binary bot was destroyed in.


Regular Ore Premium Ore
Prometium Endurium Terbium Prometid Duranium Promerium Xenomit
150 150 150 64 64 8 2


Regular Ore Premium Ore
Prometium Endurium Terbium Prometid Duranium Promerium Xenomit
600 600 600 256 256 32 8



Regular Ore Premium Ore
Prometium Endurium Terbium Prometid Duranium Promerium Xenomit
1500 1500 1500 640 640 80 20


Regular Ore Premium Ore
Prometium Endurium Terbium Prometid Duranium Promerium Xenomit
450 450 450 192 192 24 6

Santa Binary Bot[]

IMG 1607.jpg
Santa binary bot. Don't expect anything good out of his sack of presents though.

Near Christmas, there is a unique binary bot called Santa 1100101. This binary bot is exactly the same as a regular binary bot with a few key differences. First off it has an evil face on it and it wears a santa hat. It also makes an eerie "ho ho ho" sound. It's shields, hitpoints and damage are roughly the same and it fires WIZ-X rockets like regular binary bots. It often appears at the same time as Ice Meteoroids.


For the Winterfest 2012, they also have a reverse mine. See Boss Curcubitor for more info about the mine.

Referee Binary Bot[]

Appears during soccer events. Must attack with soccer ammunition to inflict any damage. Shooting without soccer ammunition will always miss.

IMG 1614.jpg


  • Binary Bot's actual name (1100101) is 101 in decimal. If translated from binary code, it ends up as the letter "e".
  • The cargo drops and it's shield and hitpoints vary according to what map you are in. The Binary Bot on the X-2 map is the easiest, while the one of the X-8 map is the hardest. Uber map 4-5 also contains a particularly unpleasant bot.

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