Chat is a feature in-game which enables you to chat with players from different companies, clan members, or simply an outfit. If you cannot see your chat box (shown to the right), you can access it by clicking the chat icon. If you have disabled it under settings, you can enable it again in settings. The Chat can only be accessed in the game screen.

NOTE: If you aren't willing to obey the rules given by administrators or mods, or if you use profanised/inappropriate language, you're going to get an instant kick from the chat and in the worst case, ban is to be expected.

Types of Chat tabsEdit

  • Global Chat

Chat with people from all companies on your current server. Tab labeled Global.

  • Company Chat

Chat with people in your company. Tab labeled Company.

  • Newcomer Chat (US server only)

Chat with people that are new to the game, give some advice or two. Tab labeled Newcomer.

  • Clan Chat

Chat with people in your Clan. (Tab only visible if you are in a Clan.) Tab labeled [clan name].

  • Outfit Chat

Chat with people in your Outfit. (Tab only visible if you are in an Outfit.) Tab labeled Outfit.

Note: Chats ARE monitored and abusing these privileges to your own whims will get you banned. This includes things such as inappropriate language, talking about "wrong" (sexually inappropriate) things, and recruiting players to Clans outside of Clan search. Stuff such as lmfao, wtf, and over abbreviations and even f*** can give a big ban.

Chat functionsEdit

DarkOrbit's chat system also has a variety of different commands that you can use, to see them all you can type /help into the chat box. As a quick guide, the chat functions are as follows:

/create ‹roomname› - Create a room

/close - Close the room

/leave - Leave room

/invite ‹user› - Invite a user into your current room

/w ‹user› - Whisper something to a user

/ignore ‹user› - Ignore a user

/allow ‹user› - Allow ignored users to chat again

/users - Put all users currently in the room in a list.

/report - Open Report interface

You can also re-size the chat window by dragging the pentagon in the bottom right corner to your liking.