[C~C] Chixonators Clan

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Clan Name [C~C] Chixonators Clan
Server USA (West Coast)
Company Mars Mining Operations
Leader chixonator
Co-Leader chixonators.P.E.T.
Alliances Multiple
At War None
Site http://www.darkorbit.com
Team Speak Address


Applying To The Clan[]

[C~C] accepts all players of all levels from MMO, provided that you remain active. VRU and EIC players are not, unfortunately, permitted to join [C~C].

When applying to [C~C], please state the following information:

  • Your ship.
  • Your level.
  • Whether you are FE or not.
  • Any other accounts you possess.


[C~C] can produce 20 Million to 150 Million credits daily. This depends on the activity of members, however. Currently, Chixonator's Clan is producing 115 Million credits per day.

Credits are very often shared out when needed, provided that there are at least 100 Million credits in the clan funds.

Clan Information[]

  • Tag/Clan name: [C~C] chixonators clan
  • Founding date: 21.03.2012
  • Clan leader: chixonator
  • Number of members: 30
  • Clan rank: 25
  • Company affiliation: MMO
  • Tax rate: 0% (305,488,197 Credits)
  • Teamspeak address: 
  • Recruiting Status: Recruiting

Extra Information[]

  • Chixonator's Clan is "new player-friendly", meaning that we like to help out new players.
  • We've a strict policy against "team-killing". People caught shooting other MMO players will be kicked.
  • Although we may be full, we still review applications to the clan. If you're interested in joining us, send an application anyway. There may be an inactive player that will be booted to allow you to join.

Image Gallery[]

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