Final SUN Fighter

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Clan Name Final SUN Fighter
Server Must use abbreviations, see Servers
Company Earth Industries Corporation
Leader PαвŁø2708[NU$]
Co-Leader N/A
Alliances N/A
At War N/A
Site N/A
Team Speak Address Teamspeak 3

Clan message![]

You want Join to the Family NU$ ? You have level 16 ? You can speak english ? You have Teamspeak 3 ? You must sent a message to PαвŁø2708[NU$] No Message NO Clan!!!

Clan info![]

The NU$ clan was at one time considered to be the strongest clan in Darkorbit. They were known by being very deadly in groups and by themselves. They were brutal, but futuristic and feared by many players in the game. Their clan rank drooped to 28 due to a massive amount of players stopped playing Darkorbit. It was well known that if you had war with NU$, better that everyone left the clan and the leader should delete it due NU$ having no mercy. Even if you are level 16 there is a small chance that you wil end up in the clan. The clan is located in Global Europe 2.

Clan information: 

Founding date: 06.03.2009

Number of members: 19 

Clan rank: 28

Status: Recruiting 

Company: EIC