Republic Order

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Clan Name Republic Order
Server Unknown
Company Unknown
Leader Unknown
Co-Leader None
Alliances None
At War Not At War

Affliction Edit

The Republic Order has an affliction with EIC and honor's VRU members.(Read REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN) Its leaders name is PlatinumCannon on this Wikia and in Darkorbit.

Requirements to JoinEdit

The Republic Order is a new Clan that has only two requirements: To play on USA West 1, and to be part of the Earth Industrial Corperation, or EIC.

Current High Ranking MembersEdit

PlatinumCannon: Squad Leader

Current Average Ranking MembersEdit

comming soon!

Current Low Ranking Members Edit

Comming soon!


Clan Leader:Given to the founder of the clan.

Council Members:Give abilites to declare war againist other clans.

Planetary Commander: Top advisor to the Squad Leader. Would also be known as the Co-Leader

Orbital Generals: 12 Generals that lead groups of lower ranks.

Staff Sargeant: Helps with the commandment into battle zones

Corporal Pilot: Expirenced pilots

Planteary Pilot: The most basic pilot in the clan, usually new members