We work to help our members. We are a great clan.

Clan Text[]

Here at The Clan of ..., we protect our members. We are mostly an MMO only clan.. Hacking and botting are forbidden. If you do so, you will be kicked out. We normally have a 0% tax rate, but that may change sometimes. We do not start wars with other clans,. We will not fight against any MMO people.We Do not break alliances. Seriously. We are above such things. When you are entering this clan, you must list the name of the person that recruited you, so they can get their due bonus. In times of war, kill any in the clan we are at war with. No mercy. The only time you can pop MMO. We wish for you to enjoyourselves in our clan.

People in Power[]

Leader: megajoeawesome23

Co-Leader: asen1176

Lord: eric-kun101

Clan Tag[]


Contact The Management[]

If there is need to contact the management for questions, send us a mail in the game. We will take any questions.