No Clan Logo.jpg

Server Unknown
Company Earth Industries Corporation
Leader -bladerage-
Co-Leader just me
Alliances we are open for an alliance
At War none
Site this si the offical site

We are looking for new members. If you are EIC you will be accepted without question. we are a peaceful earth clan seaking to protect our players we are on the great Britain server 1.

We make payouts weekly:

  • level 1-7 150,000 credits
  • level 8-14 300,000 credits
  • level 15-22 450,000 credits
  • level 23+ 600,000 credits

NOTE: The payouts will double as soon as we have 10+ members and then triple when we have 20+ members e.g 24 members and you a lvl17 your payout will be 2,700,000.

We also have a lottery every week or two, when the winner will win a quarter of the clan treasury.

I also give my members inividual payouts if they request it(to bid for an item on trade) but only if the clan treasury has triple the amount they request. for example: i would like to bid for an iris drone at 11pm(easier at night less people) for 15mil credits please. If the treasury has 45mil+ then i would consider giving it to the player while coomunicating through chat or messaging.

the ranks are as follows:

2nd in Command (currently 1 but will be 2. you have be in the clan for a while and complete an act of valor.)

3rd Officer (there will only ever be 3. you have to be a senior member and have a recomendation from one of the 2nd in command officers.)

lieutenant (you will be this if you have been in the clan for a week or there isn't any space for 3rd officer).

Acolyte (you achieve this when you first join)

Acts of valor:

1. willingly give up your win of the lottery to someone else twice or allow your weekly payout to be given to someone else 4 times.

2. If you see a fellow clan member taking a beating (Alien,earth or enemy player) and willingly let yourself get detroyed so they may escape. for example: you see an clan member who is a vengancce getting attacked by a goliath and losing you step in and attack the goliath. the vengance runs away and being the fastest ship in the game outruns the goliath, the goliath then turns on you and you fight to the death(or kill him).

3. mini act of valor(complete any 3 mini acts of valor to be classed as one). willingly give up your precious time for hunting,farming or whatever to help a clan member do a quest or kill a certain alien. e.g. you are hunting away when a clan member asks you to help his/her group or not to in the outfit gate(i've farmed there it's hard) and you go along and help for a decent amount of time.

weekly message to clan members: payouts start on the 9th of may

me killing a marauder in the outfit gate back when some of my drones were destroyed

p.s. to clan members if i have missed any vital information tell me.