Credit Symbol

Credits are one of the three currency resources, being the most common and easiest earned, the other two are Uridium and Ore.


Credits are the easier earned currency than Uridium, but are worth less, and are required in much more quantaties to purchase items. Credits enable players to purchase Shop items that are not the best, but get you by with decent items. Uridium is used to purchase elite equipment, at a lower cost due to it being worth more.

Earning creditsEdit

Bonus Box

You can only earn Credits by:

  • Destroying Alien aliens and earning them as a reward.
  • Selling Ore at a home base which is mainly gathered by collecting floating rocks in space, dropped cargo boxes, or sending it from the Skylab to your ship.
  • Collecting bonus boxes with random amounts of credits.
  • Completing quests also give credits as a reward.
  • Benefit of being in a clan and having a leader send you credits.

Spending creditsEdit

Credits can be spent on mutiple things, such as:

  • Repairing credit bought ships with credits
  • Purchasing non-elite items in the Shop that are worth credits
  • Upgrading credit bought items in Item Upgrading
  • Spending credits by bidding in the Auction.


  • Credits may also be referred to as "creds", or "cr" for short.


  • When starting out, build up your Skylab to start earning Credits. If you're not willing to spend money on the game, this will be your best source of income in the first few months.
  • Once you have a good ship,get some friends that are willing to help you and go to the uber map (map 4-5). Only for levels 10 and above and destroy some of the things in there to build up credits. But be warned, it is not a map for messing around. Also a good way to get credits is the invasion gate. A space game around every once and a while. Still, not a place to mess around although being destroyed on invasion maps have no consequences. Drones are not damaged, repairs are free, and no cargo is lost.