Hit points 1,600,000
Shield 1,200,000
Average Damage No attack
Base Speed 30
Destroy Rewards
Official Description
Releases Protegits which encircle the Cubikon, attacking the aggressor that hits the most damage. The Cubikon has no attack of it's own.

A Cubikon is a rare type of mothership alien that is found in the upper maps. They have extremely high HP, deadly damage output, and great rewards to match its difficulty. It is recommended to hunt these aliens with an outfit. Any player that deals damage to the Cubikon will receive a portion of the rewards when it is defeated. They are only found on two known maps, your respective X-6 map and the ??? map.


Cubikon Engine

a profile View of the cubikon from the quest screen showing the engine, Note only one.

Cubikon have great rewards of EP and Uridium as they are relatively easy to kill in groups, and have a high spawn rate in  X-6. If ore is what you need, you've found the right alien to get it from. They drop the same amount of Xenomit as an Uber Kristallon, but the Uber Kristallon is roughly as strong as two Cubikons. The Protegits will attack the first player who attacks the Cubikon which released them, eventually changing to the player who deals the most damage to the Cubikon. After its destruction, the remaining Protegits will attack every player who passes nearby, but will not chase them.

The Cubikon heals itself very fast at a rate of up to 125,000 HP a second. This makes running away and repairing and returning for the kill very difficult.


Cubikon Study

Cubikon are located in:


Cubikons are not found in 4-5 or in the Level Invasion Gates and have no Boss or Uber form, though the Protegits can be found in the Level Invasion Gates as guardians to the Lordakium.

Due to only having a max of four Cubikon on each X-6 map, these are locations where Cubikons have a high spawn rate:

Where Location
Top Right (134,39)
Top Left (75,39)
Bottom Left (75,79)
Bottom Right (134,79)

Cargo Drop

Regular Ore Premium Ore
Prometium Endurium Terbium Prometid Duranium Promerium Xenomit
1,200 1,200 1,200 512 512 64 128


Pull Out All The Stops!


The Cubikons have hatched an evil plan to expand their network of spies across our galaxies. Show them not to mess with us and blow up ten Cubikons.

Quest Details:

  • Destroy 10 -=[ Cubikons ]=-.

Quest Rewards:

Crush the Cubikons

Damage some Cubikons, but watch out that you don't get killed or damaged. Oh, yeah: You don't have much time.

Quest details:

  • Do 1 Million Damage to Cubikons (Lasers, Rockets, whatever)
  • Do it within 30 Minutes.

Quest Rewards:

  • 1,000,000 EP


Players who use the Citadel ship are very helpful in teams for taking down Cubikons as they can use their Draw Fire ability to tank the Protegits while players in ships such as the Goliath focus on dealing damage. Citadels are not recommended to try and solo a Cubikon as they have a fairly low damage output.

If you are a FE player, you will most likely be able to solo the Cubikon using the SAB and x4 ammo. The way to solo a Cubikon is simple; all you would need to do is SAB the Cubikon and until its shields have gone and then hit it with x3 or x4 ammo. People above FE who have boosters and upgrades may be able to solo the Cubikon using SAB and x3, so they wouldn't need to use x4 ammo. With aegis and equipment bit over FE you schould with double cooldown booster and shieldbooster be able to take the cubi solo and some can take it with x1

If you are an FE player with the Aegis Ship, You can solo the Cubikon with Diamond. Here are the requirements: 1st Configuration: All lasers on drones and shields on Ship. 2nd Configuration All shields on ship and on drones. The way to solo it is to keeps switching back and forth with these configurations when your repairs recharge. When you are on your shield configuration rest on the very tip of the protegit field and keep bouncing back and forth to the Cubikon and back to the edge making sure that the protegits are only hitting you BELOW 5K. This recharges your shields and passes time by for the repairs to cooldown. Make sure your using Diamond Drone Formation! It would be easier to solo if you put Seprom on your Lasers and use full Credit Ammo.


  • As of the graphic update, Cubikons now transform from their cube and explode constantly, dealing damage to nearby players and P.E.T.s.
  • The Cubikon, is one of the rare aliens that give Xenomit while not being a Boss alien.
  • Cubikons do not attack the player directly; rather, they send out Protegits in a swarm of 20 or so that deal the main damage.
  • Unlike its old Cuboid version, which slowly let out Protegits as if they were fighters from a battleship, the entire swarm comes immediately upon you.
  • Cubikons are interesting, to say the least. When they open up, they deploy the stacked Protegits from behind, much like a mother spider carries her infants on her back. They are deployed from the aft section, next to the engine.
  • They resemble the Borg from the Star Trek series.
  • Cubikons are the slowest aliens in the game. 

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