Damage is the effect inflicted by attacking any player or Alien, consisting in the lowering HP/ Shield of the attacked target. The amount of damage that is dealt by a player is determined by the amount of Laser Cannons equipped on a Ship, and any other sort of damage dealing instance such as a the laser battery being used, Rocket Launcher, Rockets, or Mines deployed.



Increasing damage Output[]

Increasing your damage can be done by multiple ways, those being:

  • Having a special type of Booster or Shared Booster activated, which increases damage by a certain percent.
  • Upgrading Laser Ammunition and Rockets give it a significant damage increase depending on the type of Ore it is upgraded with.
  • Using the Item Upgrading as a damage boost also can increase damage depending on the level the item is upgraded;
  • Buying better laser cannons to deal more damage.
  • Using elite ammunition which increases the amount of damage your lasers do depending on the ammunition.

Some steps for increasing the damage are very easy (for example: buying damage boosters, using an damage increasing ship with 5% damage, upgrading 10- 12 levels of lasers, rocket launcher, drones) but some steps are much harder (getting all 10 Havocs for the 10% boost on the drones, upgrading to the max level all the lasers, drones, rocket launcher).