The Yamato and Defcom series of ships were no match for the icy boulders and have been buried in the ship graveyard.


Ship Defcom

Max Hit points 150,000 HP
Max Nano Hull 140,000
Cost 120,000 Uri, Payment
Speed 280 (340 in V1.5)
Lasers 3 (12 in V1.5)
Generators 5 (8 V1.5)
Batteries Unlimited
Rockets Unlimited
Extra 2 (Same in V1.5)
Cargo 800
With Cargo Expander 1600
Cargo as Premium Member 1300
Cargo as Premium Member with Cargo Expander 2600
Destroy Rewards
Official Description
Available from special events! An old-timer spaceship with real vintage style! The Defcom is currently enjoying an impressive revival, and its newest iteration features a cloaking device hidden behind those gorgeous hot-rod lines. No classic ship collection is complete without her!

The Defcom was a ship next up from the Yamato, still not a force to be feared, this little ship does provide an additional Extra slot. However, the generator slots made this a good stepping stone to a Nostromo or higher. This ship suffered from having the 3rd lowest base speed in the game, though.

Obtaining the DefcomEdit

The Defcom was a ship costing 32,000 Credits, but in the August of 2015, Yamato  and Defcom were available for purchase with boosted stats, as well as a bonus skill ( Yamato -Travel, Defcom-Ultimate Cloaking ). Their price is 120,000 Uridium each, but they are also obtainable through payment . The boosted stats for this ship are: 138.000 extra hitpoints, 60 extra speed, 9 extra laser slots, 3 extra generator slots, and 500 more cargo. Since every other ship in the shop is cheaper (except the Yamato, which is just as expensive) and many of them are better, it's still not a good choice for a battle ship.