Demaner Escort

Demaner escort

Hit points 3.000.000
Shield 3.000.000
Average Damage 4.000 - 5.000
Base Speed 430~
Destroy Rewards
Official Description
They are the protectors of the Demaner Freighter, located in X-3, X-4. Updated the Oct/02/2017

Demaner Escort is the ship that protects the massive Demaner Freighter. They are fast and tough and give about the same Uridium as an Uber Kristallon; however, they do much less damage and give fewer Credits.


  • Keep moving.
  • They require a lot of patience and ammo to kill, beware the enemy companies.

Trivia Edit

They seem to attack with UCB-100 ammo.

They miss moving targets.

They use the SaNeJiEwZ's sprites.