The Football Designs are three soccer-based Goliath ship designs that increase base stats when equipped. Not only do they give a boost to base stats, these designs also give a new look in different colors such as:

  • Kick (Green)
  • Referee (Black/Orange striped)
  • Goal (Black checkered)

Cost Edit

These special designs are available for 150,000 Uridium during ongoing football matches. When you login, and get a post of a football match between two countries, you are be able to go into the Designs tab in the shop and purchase them for 100,000 Uridium each.

Football designs Edit



Kick design for the Goliath with a 10% shield bonus. Soccer crazy? Then act now and show off your passion for the beautiful game! In comparison to the Bastion, Sentinel, Solace, and Spectrum, the Kick is only comparable to the Bastion since all other designs are skill designs.


Referee design for the Goliath. Exude authority with this design and increase your damage by 5%. In comparison to the Enforcer, Venom, and Diminisher, the Referee is only comparable to the Enforcer since all the other designs are Skill Designs.


Goal design for the Goliath with 10% XP bonus. Soccer crazy? Then act now and bring soccer to space. In comparison to the Veteran, the Goal is its equal, but much harder to get.