Honor is the implemented point system that lets you gain or lose points, mostly used to describe if a player is good (positive points) or bad (negative points).

Earning HonorEdit

Honor is simply earned by killing Alien, enemy company players, completing quests, and finishing Galaxy Gates. You can also earn large amounts of Honor by joining in Events or doing special quests such as the Winter ones. Honor is an important part of the game, due to it determining Hall of Fame ranking and the amount of Credits you receive for selling Ore.

Losing HonorEdit

Honor is mostly lost by a term called Company Killing. It is when you shoot down players of the same company. Even by stealing cargo drop of players from your same company, you get Honor points deducted and some Credits as well. A simple fix to avoid stealing from your company is to go to the "Settings" in-game at the top right, click 'Interface', and uncheck "Show cargo boxes which are not free". Even though this setting is automatically un-checked to new players, it is not advised to switch it on, you can earn just as good enough cargo drop without stealing.

  • Note. The P.E.T gear Auto Looter will only collect boxes that are free, no matter if you have the setting "show cargo boxes that are not free" on or off.

Ore price benefitEdit

The more Honor you have, the more Credits you receive when selling your cargo at base. You get the maximum amount (doubled: Exception explained below) of every ore at 500.000 Honor. The calculation is shown below:

Original Price + (Original Price * Honor Points / 500.000)

For example: you have 1 promerium in your ship, and 456.000 Honor. This is how to calculate what you would get from that promerium if you would like to:

500 + ( 456.000 / (500.000 / 500)) =

500 + (456.000 / 1000) =

500 + 456 = 956


The pirate station at 5-2 gives a bonus 5% credits when you trade your ore there.
PMaps Extra Credits

Notice more than double increase for the materials in the PMap.


This also works both ways, so if you have negative Honor, then the selling price of Ore will be lower than it's base price.

Hall of FameEdit

Hall of Fame Ranking: 1/100 Honor points will go towards your ranking in the Hall of Fame according to the following formula: (EP/100000 + Honor/100) so 1000 Honor points will result in 10 Ranking-Points

- In addition, negative honor has negative influence on the damage done when attacking as shown below.

Damage reduction Edit

In addition to having negative Honor, you also receive damage reduction as shown:

  • Note: The damage reduction applies only to enemy and friendly ships.
  • Honor < -200 = 10% less damage (only 90% of the normal damage is done)
  • Honor < -500 = 20% less damage (80% of damage is done)
  • Honor < -1,000 = 40% less damage (60% of damage is done)
  • Honor < -2,000 = 70% less damage (30% of damage is done)
  • Honor < -10,000 = 90% less damage (10% of damage is done)
  • Honor < -1,000,000=0% damage

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