Hot Keys (also known as Shortcuts) are the secondary way of playing instead of just using the mouse (besides having to move.) It is recommended to learn some shortcuts to not only save some time but it could also end up saving your ship by destroying your enemy twice as fast.

Hot key listEdit

Current shortcuts available, add any if missing:

  • Control/Command - Fire selected laser type
  • Spacebar - Fire selected missile type
  • Scrollbar - Increase/decrease distance of drones from ship
  • 0-9 - Allocated shortcuts via the Shortcut Bar
  • H - Hide/Show all windows
  • F - Shows FPS counter
  • L - Log Out
  • J - Jump Portal
  • C- Change configuration
  • E - Activate or Deactivate your P.E.T.
  • R - Set P.E.T. to guard mode
  • M,Y - Drop one selected mine

If your account is premium you will have a 'Premium Shortcut Bar', it should show above normal shortcut bar. If you dont see it, this means you haven't got this option activated on the settings menu.

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