Ice Meteoroid

Ice Meteoroids.png

Hit points 1,600,000
Shield 1,200,000
Average Damage No attack
Base Speed 200
Destroy Rewards
EP 1,000,000 Honor 5,000
Credits 3,000,000 Uridium 1,800
Official Description
Like the Cubikon, this alien does not have an attack of it's own and it splits the rewards between everyone who shot the Ice Meteoroid when it is killed. Releases Icys that defend the Ice Meteoroid when it is attacked.

The Ice Meteoroid is a mothership that resembles a much bigger and darker Kristallon, but the Ice Meteoroid are indeed stronger. Once fired upon, the Ice Meteoroid sends out  aliens called Icys, which shoot around 24k per shot in total. This mothership can be compared to the Cubikon and its Protegits, it attacks the person that first shot on it and when engaged by numerous players, its rewards are shared. It is also shown in the Breech Gate that Ice Meteoroids do shoot red lasers just like the Icys.

When an Ice Meteoroid appears, a warning will pop up saying which map it is currently on. But if you happened to miss this pop up, you can ask your company members on where it currently is.

Ice meteoroids appear in every map (including Super Ice Meteoroid) excluding the X-1 and X-2 maps and possibly the 4-X excluding 4-4 and 4-5 where Super Ice Meteoroids spawn. Ice meteoroid spawned also in the 11 december 2014 gate. It also spawns in Eternal Blacklight Gate.

As always, if you have Diminisher or Venom design, you will have to lock the Ice Meteoroid before you can use your Shield Leech or Singularity on it.

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