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Infiltration is an event where there are groups of cloaked aliens that randomly spawn on different maps. Your goal is to find, uncloak, and destroy these Commando Aliens. Each alien drops four times the amount of loot the cloaked alien would typically have.


  • You have 10 Minutes to find and destroy the Commando Aliens before they jump away back into safety.
  • Destroying the entire Squad will give your Company a point in the ranking on which maps this happened.
  • Killing a Squads on a Battlemap won’t give you a point for the Company ranking, only the rewards for destroying those Aliens.
  • The Commando Aliens give out four times the rewards of normal Aliens.
  • It is not important who kills the Commando Aliens, when the Aliens are dead before the time is over the company on which map this happened scored a point.
  • When the Aliens spawn, there will be a message broadcasted to the Company members of the maps they spawn on. If it is a Battle map all Players will receive the message.
  • When the entire Commando Alien Squad is wiped out there will be a final message displayed that confirms the victory and lets the players know that the Aliens have been defeated.
  • Finding and defeating the cloaked Boss Kristallon will give the loot of the Uber Kristallon.