BD-02 I

Introduction Edit

The Battle Drone (BD-02 I) commonly known as the Iris is an elite battle drone that has two equipment slots It is recommended that a player has full Iris drones if wanting to achieve Full-Elite status.

An Iris Drone has two equipment slots which are able to equip Laser Cannons, extras, or Shield Generators.


The price of purchasing an Iris drone increases according to the number you currently have.

This is the list (please note this does not take premium or rebate advantages into account):

  • 1st Iris 15,000 Uridium.
  • 2nd Iris 24,000 Uridium.
  • 3rd Iris 42,000 Uridium.
  • 4th Iris 60,000 Uridium.
  • 5th Iris 84,000 Uridium.
  • 6th Iris 96,000 Uridium.
  • 7th Iris 126,000 Uridium.
  • 8th Iris 200,000 Uridium.
Total: 647,000 Uridium.
You can also buy the Iris Drone from the auction and assembly.

Damaged and destroyed Iris Drones Edit

  • Each time you are destroyed by an NPC your Iris drone takes 1% damage.
  • Each time you are destroyed by an enemy player your Iris drone takes 5% damage.
    • Upon reaching 100% the drone is destroyed and removed.
    • Any equipment that was placed on it (if any) is returned to your hanger.
An easy way to avoid this is to look at your hangar bay and your drones after you have been destroyed and repair them for the princely sum of 500 Uridium (free with repair credits or Premium) to put them back to 0% damage.
You can also purchase the Drone Repair CPU which will repair your drone once it goes above a 80% damage threshold.

Level of the Drone Edit

  • Upon receiving the Iris Drone it will be default at level 1.
  • Upon repairing or first gaining your Iris Drone it will be a lower level, the max being 6. The main difference is a small attribute shift in how much percentage damage and shield it increases your total ship by.

Trivia Edit

  • The Iris is one step up from the credit bought Flax battle drone.
  • Since it is an elite drone the competition for it is high among different servers.
  • For example, some servers can be 600,000 to win the Iris on auction but some might be in the 100 million brackets.
  • This drone may be called the Iris, but it does not enhance the range of your sight or range.
  • The Apis and Zeus battle drone are similar to the Iris, only with different designs and much harder to obtain.