I think it would be good to have a place where people can discuss the issues with the game and what they want to see fixed. More importantly, where I can rant about stuff but anyone as always is free to edit this page as long as it's relevant.

Latest Update[]

  • streuners are now affected by Wiz Rockets


I doubt I'm the only one to think about how stupid this update was. It was more of a reason just to push cosmetics in my opinion.

Biggest problems[]

  • Multi-Company Clans - Yes, I still think this is one of the biggest issues with this game because until this is limited, PvP will always be limited as will doing npcs because of the sheer number of people hunting in massive groups.
  • Unfair events - I put this under MCC because it really is caused by it. Lots of people cant contribute to events, as in solo players or just people who like to hunt npcs alone because of the amount of big clans that are on all three companies taking them over with their various alliances and NAPs.
  • Unbalanced Ships - This also makes PvP very hard to focus on. With ships like Cyborg, it's just very hard to participate in it especially when facing against large groups of people consistently.
  • Not new player friendly - It's not hard to see why this has to be on the list. DarkOrbit has done lots of things to try and make this game friendly but it just doesn't work. With more then half the player base running around dealing 100,000 damage, it's very hard to grow your ship especially with enemy clan battle stations constantly encouraging enemies in your maps. Honestly, this doesn't even take into account that they are given missions at level 13, 14 and 15 that are completely impossible for them to do alone and the rewards are not even good.