Hit points 400,000
Shield 300,000
Average Damage 3,750 - 5,000
Base Speed 250
Destroy Rewards
Official Description
Resembling a much larger Kristallin, the Kristallon is a fast alien for its size and has x2 the power of a Sibelon.

A Kristallon is the stronger version of a Kristallin. There are three forms of the Kristallon, those being: Boss Kristallon (four times as deadly) and a Uber Kristallon (eight times as deadly).

Other names

Kristallon are sometimes called "Kriss", "Klon", "Big kriss", "BK", "Lons", "BKs", "Tallon" or "Lon".


Kristallon can be found on:

Cargo drop

Regular Ore Premium Ore
Prometium Endurium Terbium Prometid Duranium Promerium Xenomit
300 300 300 128 128 16 0


Kristallon do not attack until fired upon. However, in the Galaxy Gates they can be found entering the map and firing.


  • Attack the Kristallon in outfits
  • Kill all the Kristallins around the Kristallons first
  • Remember to circle the Kristallon and not just sit there, unless you want to just sit there and take damage or if you have the Diamond Formation.
  • Drag the Kristallon to the nearest portal or CBS to reduce damage from other aliens in the map—and other companies' hunters!
  • Only attack the Kristallons if you are dealing more than 2,000 damage (or with an Aegis), otherwise you will probably get nowhere.


  • Strangely enough, although you need to be level 11 to access the Kristallon's maps (X-6 and X-7) you can kill Boss Kristallons and even Uber Kristallons at level 10. This is because Boss Kristallons and Uber Kristallons reside in map 4-5 (Boss Kristallons are also found in X-7) which you only need to be level 10 to access while you need to be level 11 to be able to destroy regular Kristallons.
  • The Kristallon has the largest range of all the aliens requiring some extra effort when circling.
  • The Kristallon may sometimes change direction if you are circling it.

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