LF-2 Laser Cannon
Weapon type Laser Cannon
Base damage 100-130 damage per shot
Cost 250,000 Credits
Elite status Yes (Sub-elite)
Available in Shop
Official Description
Elite laser: causes up to 100 damage points per shot

LF-2 is an elite Laser Cannon. It is stronger than the MP-1 laser, and weaker than the LF-3 laser.

Damage inflictedEdit

LF-2 lasers can cause between 100 and 130 damage per shot with LCB-10 laser battery ammunition, 50 damage less than the LF-3

Obtaining the LF-2Edit

The LF-2 is available in the Shop for 250,000 Credits.

As of 11/21/2013, they have been removed from Auction.

In-game descriptionEdit

Strong laser: causes up to 100 Damage points per shot.


  • Investing in LF-3 lasers instead will provide greater damage.