Laser Cannons and Shield Generators on a drone of a Leonov does not double the strength on the Lower Maps, but rockets deal double damage.



Max Hit points 64,000 HP
Max Nano Hull 54,000
Cost 15,000 U.
Speed 360 (380)
Lasers 6
Generators 6
Batteries Unlimited
Rockets Unlimited
Extra 1
Cargo Not Number
Destroy Rewards
Official Description
The Starjet's top model: Small, maneuverable, but very deadly. Best ship for beginner pilots offering Home maps advantage (x2.5 on selected items).

Leonov is an elite small and sleek Starjet ship. It is an excellent ship for new players due to the substantial bonuses it receives in the Lower Maps. It has medium amount of Laser Cannons, Generators, and extra slots compared to other elite and non-elite ships. Drones level up at an increased speed on this ship but they level up much faster on a Phoenix ship. It is thought to be named after Alexey Leonov, the first human to take a spacewalk.

Due to space limitations, the HP in base maps can not be added in the ship's info. However it is known to be 160,000


The Leonov, though small in stature, packs a mighty punch (double laser damage, double shield, 160,000 HP, and 380 speed) on the Lower Maps, granting this ship a home advantage. A blue outer glow on a Leonov ship shows the home advantage, which increases the amount of hit points and cargo that the ship can carry while in the Lower Maps.

Once this ship travels anywhere beyond the X-1 to X-4 maps, it becomes a weaker ship with overall low ship status, comparable to a Piranha ship.


  • The Leonov is most powerful while in it's home Lower Maps
  • It's the cheapest Uridium bought ship (15,000 uridium)
  • A great starting ship for new players


  • Weakest of all the elite ships (in comparison to all ships, it's already one of the weakest without bonuses), however it can be a force to be reckoned with if it has Elite items.
  • No bonuses at all in the Upper Maps (you are even better off using a Nostromo).