Weapon type Laser Cannon
Base damage 60 damage per shot
Cost 40,000 credits
Elite status No
Available in Shop?
Official Description
Small laser: causes up to 60 damage points per shot

MP-1 is a credit bought Laser Cannon. It does around 60 damage per shot. At the beginning of the game, your ship is equipped with one of these.

The next powerful Laser Cannon is the LF-2.


40,000 Credits each Laser.

Obtaining MP-1Edit

MP-1 are available in the Shop all the time.

In-game descriptionEdit

Average laser: causes up to 60 damage points per round


  • For beginners, try to fill up your ship's equipment full of these as your credit earnings increase. The more lasers you equip, the more ammo you need. So put the amount of lasers proportional to the credits you earn to prevent spending too much on ammo.