Parking is a term that describes when an alien reaches Critical Health and stops chasing the player as it travels in the opposite direction from you until it reaches the corner of a map, where it stops and regenerates health or its shield. This occurs on most aliens but has exceptions such as the Barracuda which detonates itself when at critical health. Once the alien is parked, you can achieve to shoot it while it is barely visible in the corner of your screen and while it does not shoot back at you.

Problems that can occur when this happens:

  • A fast alien moves away and you have less speed so it escapes from you until it stops and you catch up but find it has regenerated its shields so you have to start again
  • the alien begins running and takes you from the safe zone of the gate into the unprotected parts of the map where stronger aliens, bandits and enemy players can destroy you. This gets worse as the alien gets stronger as it leaves with more hit points.

It's recommended to use better ammo when aliens start running if you are low on health so that you are in little danger.