Ship Phoenix

Max Hit points 4,000 HP
Max Nano Hull -6,000
Cost 0 C.
Speed 320
Lasers 1
Generators 1
Batteries Unlimited
Rockets Unlimited
Extra 1
Cargo 100
With Cargo Expander 200
Cargo as Premium Member 600
Cargo as Premium Member with Cargo Expander 1200
Destroy Rewards
Official Description
Starter Ship

Phoenix is a free Starjet ship but no longer the ship you start with. It has the lowest health for a ship including one laser slot, an extra, and one generator. Since it is free, it is recommended to only purchase this if you do not have any Credits and need a ship to use. Rarely you will find a player in a Phoenix that is Full-Elite or Ultra-Elite due to rankings.

Tips Edit

  • Drones level up the fastest with the Phoenix although the Leonov has much better stats.