A Portal (also known as a port) is a circular gate that allows a safe travel between maps. You must be near one to "jump" between portals. They are usually located on the sidelines of maps or the corners. During special events, they tend to be in the center area to be more easily found.

Most portals have demilitarized zones (excluding battle maps), which keep players safe if they are on a portal that is on a company owned map. Note that on a battle map, there are no demilitarized zones, so watch for enemy players on the other side waiting to attack.

How to use a portalEdit

To jump through any portal, you can either click the blue sun looking button above the portal (shown in the pic), or by simply pressing the Hot Key letter 'J'. Remember, you must be right next to a portal to use it.


  • Be careful, even though you may be escaping an enemy player but taking damage, jumping through a portal while having low health will not always guarantee you will make it alive, there is always a chance you can get destroyed before the jump is complete.
  • Be ready to press the letter 'J' when running or chasing enemy players.