Prometheus Laser
Weapon type Laser
Base damage 210 + (200 per 5 seconds)
Cost Assembly Resources
Elite status Yes
Available in Assembly
Official Description
An essential tool for every pilot's arsenal, ensure victory when going head-to-head with the Black Light!


The Prometheus Laser is an uber-elite laser meant to be used against the blacklight alien race. This laser has an overdrive mechanism, like the SL-type lasers. This laser ALSO deals 3.5x damage towards Blacklight aliens.

The Blacklight Race

The Blacklight race includes all kinds of dangerous aliens including the all-powerful Mindfire Behemoth Mothership, an alien that will give any pilot a run for their money. You can also create the Centurion Ship, designed for eradicating the Blacklight race!



  • For full (48) Prometheus you need: (This is doesn't include the first 10 which are free with the Blacklight missions)
    • 3.600 Booty Keys;
    • 9,600,000,000 credits;
    • 720,000 UCB-100 ammo;
    • 120,000 RSB-75 ammo;
    • 288,000 Rinusk.
  • The damage can be further boosted with the usage of the A-BL Laser Ammo, which works only against Mindfire Behemoths and Invoke XVIs.
  • You can deal massive damage towards the Blacklight NPCs, which are the following:
  • Purpose XXI; (Scout on X-8 maps)
  • Impulse II;
  • Attend IX;
  • Invoke XVI;
  • Mindfire Behemoth.
  • There is a 25% variance with this laser, although the community is still unsure exactly what this means.
    • Bonus scatter damage is not affected by this multiplier.
  • The Prometheus laser is one of many things that came to the game during the Blacklight update.
  • "Variance" means it can be positive or negative, so by theory you should have a chance to do less damage.
  • If you are interested in the maximum damage you can do in PvP, please check our "maximum Prometheus laser damage" page.