Sell Price Base price of 200. Increases by 1 every 2,500 honor.
Obtained By destroying Aliens or ships, or refining in the ship's Lab or the Skylab.
Weapon Upgrade 15% increase in firepower
Propulsion Upgrade None
Shield Upgrade None

Overview[edit | edit source]

Pink in color, Prometid is one of the man-made ores, alongside Duranium, Promerium and Seprom.

Monetary value[edit | edit source]

The base value of Prometid when sold at a base is 200 Credits.

Gain honor to increase the price you receive for your Prometid. - For every 2,500 honour you gain an extra credit.

Upgrading with Prometid[edit | edit source]

Upgrading rockets or lasers with Prometid increases their damage by 15%.

Each unit of Prometid can upgrade 10 rockets or laser shots.

Gaining Prometid[edit | edit source]

Prometid can be gained by:

  • Refining it in a ship's on-board Lab or in a Skylab. Each unit of Prometid refined requires 20 units of Prometium and 10 units of Endurium.
  • Collecting it from cargo boxes from shot-down ships (both friend and foe) and Aliens.

Prometid is not found floating free on any map.

Using Prometid in refining[edit | edit source]

Prometid is used when refining Promerium: 1 unit of Promerium requires 10 units of Prometid, 10 units of Duranium and 1 unit of Xenomit.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • 1 unit of Prometid is worth fewer Credits than the Prometium and Endurium it takes to create it, so if you have the raw resources in your cargo bay and you're close to a base, it makes more sense to sell the raw resources than refine them. However, if your cargo bay is full and / or the nearest base is some distance away, it can make sense to refine Prometid in your ship's Lab.
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