Hit points 50,000
Shield 40,000
Average Damage 1,125 - 1,500
Base Speed ~420
Destroy Rewards


The Protegit is a fast-flying companion to the mothership, the Cubikon. Found alongside the Cubikon mothership, and in some Galaxy Gates, the Protegit is one of the most annoying Aliens in the Darkorbit Universe.
As a defender to the Cubikon, the Protegit will spawn in groups of 20 - 30 when its mothership, the Cubikon, is attacked. They will swarm around the first attacking Ship, and deal large amounts of Damage over a small period of time. They are the only defense the Cubikon has against players.
Once the parent Cubikon is destroyed, the Protegits will fly around, attacking anything in it's path. They will not, however, follow any ships. Eventually, they will disappear and a new Cubikon will spawn at their former location.
Cubikon Study


The Protegit can be found in:

Cargo DropEdit

Regular Ore Premium Ore
Prometium Endurium Terbium Prometid Duranium Promerium Xenomit
100 100 100 16 16 2 0


Protegite ResearchEdit

We need to get our hands on Protegit research in order to develop optimal counterattack measures. Annihilate 150 Protegits in 190 minutes using only X-2 laser ammo!

Quest objectives:

  • Destroy -=[ Protegit ]=- (0 / 150)
  • Complete in under 03:10:00
  • Use less than 1 rocket.
  • Don't use any DMG X3 laser ammunition.
  • Don't use any DMG X4 laser ammunition.
  • Don't use any mines.

Quest rewards:


  • When killing a Protegit that was not your kill in Level Invasion Gate. An interesting message will be left in your log. Instead of saying "X destroyed" it will say:
You shot down a Protegit.
Cubikon (Protegit) escort ship destroyed


  • If you are fighting Protegits in a Galaxy Gate, have a Vengeance or Goliath with maximum (480 and 450, respectively) speed to be able and evade them safely.
  • Due to the large damage dealt by Protegits, Cubikon require a group of FE players (minimum of 3) to deal with such a mothership.
  • Stronger FE ships may take on cubikons alone how ever the player is recomended to have plenty of SAB-50 ammo, x3 ammo, and x4 ammo.

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