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A Rank is a position in the leaderboards of DarkOrbit which determines the badge you have next to your ship.

Note that this badge is viewable by everyone and cannot be hidden.

Common Ranking[]

You can see all the common rankings to the right, they are the rankings most space pilots will have, ranging from Basic Space Pilot all the way up to a General.

Uncommon Ranking[]

Uncommon ranking consists of the ranks not commonly seen. This includes the Outlaw, a member of a company who destroys their own company for various reasons. It also includes the Admin badge, which can only be found by ships that are being flown by members of the team usually testing things within the game.


The way ranking works are by a formula, this formula is shown below and has many different factors to determine your ranking.

Please also be aware some things cause your ranking to decrease, such as destroying friendly ships.

Ranking chart.PNG

These are the positive and negative ways you can determine your ranking:[]

Positive impact to rank:[]

  • Honour points /100
  • Player shot points x3
  • Your level x100
  • Days since registration x6
  • Your ship type (Venom for example) x1,000
  • NPC shot points /2
  • Missions completed x100

Negative ways to impact your rank:[]

Gaining Higher Ranks[]

The formula for gaining the next rank is constantly changing due to other people also doing positive things to influence their current rank. The best way is to collect Honour and Experience points at a good rate (or faster than the person above you).