A Repair robot (or repair bot/rep bot) is an NPC extra, that repairs the player's ship when equipped and activated. You must first off have missing health for this extra to work. A rep bot is a necessity to all players being that you are bound to take damage some time during this game. Every new player begins with the weakest rep bot which is a REP-S, and after you attain newer ships, you can purchase much better rep bots that repair at a much faster rate.

You can only have one of these items allowed per configuration.

List of repair robots Edit

REP-S REP-1 Icon REP-2 Icon REP-3 Icon REP-4 Icon

There are five repair bots as of right now, all information will be listed below including pricing and stats.

REP-S Edit


The REP-S is the default repair bot given to new players and repairs the lowest amount of health at 1,000 HP per minute. Although good because it is free and ideal for low health ships, purchasing the next set of repair bots is a good idea once you progress.

REP-1 Edit


The REP-1 repair bot recovers your ship's hull in 165 seconds. It is available in the Shop for 10,000 Credits. Still fair at repairing and for the price, but an elite repair bot is still recommended.

REP-2 Edit


The REP-2 is a common repair bot for Sub-Elite ships, good repairing process. This repair bot recovers your ship's hull in 120 seconds. It is available in the Shop for 64,000 Credits.

REP-3 Edit


The REP-3 is an intermediate elite repair bot that recovers your ship's hull in 105 seconds (or 50,000 HP per minute). It is used by most players as it only costs 5,000 Uridium in the Shop and can be bid on in Auction.

REP-4 Edit


The REP-4 is a high costing elite repair bot, it is the best repairing available. You will find most Ultra-Elite and Full-Elite players using as this repair bot recovers your ship's hull in 90 seconds. It is available in the Shop for 20,000 Uridium also available in Auction.

Automatic repairing Edit

You can have your repair bot repair your ship automatically using an extra.

For more information, please visit the Repairing#Automatic_repair page.


  • Earning an elite repair bot using Credits in the Auction will save you Uridium.
  • Check Trade Price Corner for bids other players used in their servers.