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Repairing is the main method of healing a player's selected ship with a Repair Bot or even Drones and the P.E.T. 10.

Ship repairEdit

With a Repair Bot equipped, you can activate the repair process by clicking it in the Extras icon and then the Repair Bot icon. You can only have one Repair Bot equipped per ship so make sure it's the best you have available. Once clicked, the repair begins and will not stop unless you attack/get attacked, or switch configurations.

Cost of repairingEdit

Alternate methodsEdit

Automatic repairEdit

You can avoid having to select the repair process manually every time you need it and have it done automatically by equipping an extra called the Repair-bot Auto CPU. This extra automatically activates any repair bot you have available in your extras and repairs you to full HP. It will only work if you have not taken damage for a short time.

Fast repairEdit

Fast Repair is an option that lets you use up to 10 of your Repair Credits to repair your ship back to full health instantly. You can do this by clicking the top right wrench icon. You cannot use if your ships has full health already.

Drone repairEdit

To repair a Drone, you go to your Equipment under the Drones section and click on the drone to repair. These cannot be repaired with Repair Bots and by repairing any drone, you downgrade the level by one each time.

P.E.T. 10 repairEdit

Repairing your P.E.T. 10 is free when it is level 1-3. From level 4 and up there is a Uridium cost which increases for each level. It begins at 10 Uridium and caps off at 350 Uridium each repair for level 15 P.E.T.'s.

If you have Premium status, P.E.T. 10 repairs are free.