Hit points 400,000
Shield 300,000
Average Damage 3,580 - 4,850 each shot
Base Speed About 300
Destroy Rewards

The demaNer is a mysterious Alien encountered in various places in the game. Different versions of it are sometimes named  "Threeer Y331" and "DeMaNeR" (Y4 and Y5). They can also be found in Level Invasion Gate, right after the final Lordakium wave and right before the Kucurbium wave.


The SaNeJiEwZ can be found in:

Screenshot 3

demaNeR in 3D mode


Different from regular Aliens that will get within firing distance and sit in the same spot until you try fleeing, the SaNeJiEwZ will always be on the move, similar to an actual player which is one of the reasons why it can be confused with an enemy Goliath hit by a WIZ-X rocket. Their durability can be compared to a Kristallon. This alien is stronger in the Delta gate than when found in any Birthday Gate.


  • They have been recently renamed to DemaNer.
  • The SaNeJiEwZ is one of the two aliens that does not improve a player's ranking along with the Binary Bot.
  • The reason they were called SaNeJiEwZ is because that is the name of the very 1st player to complete Delta gate, hence that player got their own NPC.
  • When killing a SaNeJiEwZ, it always shows up as a Demaner in your log.
  • There used to be a smaller version of the SaNeJiEwZ called the Lipwig or Lipwig 1K31 that fired yellow squiggly lasers, however it was removed from the game a long time ago. This mysterious alien was found in the 999 Days Gate.
  • Fighting a SaNeJiEwZ is the equivalent of fighting a nearly Full-Elite Goliath.
  • SaNeJiEwZs are given strange names in invasion. These names are "pogrim," "fake," and "mblpz." pik
  • In invasion SaNeJiEwZs don't stick to one target, they like to alternate targets every few seconds.
  • Attempting to kill a SaNeJiEwZ solo is never a good idea if you're not Full Elite. They are extremely fast and deal approximately 5000 damage.
  • If shot by a WIZ-X rocket, you can turn into the SaNeJiEwZ.
  • The SaNeJiwZ's hull is the same as a DemaNer freighter/escort hull and using RB-214 ammunition does x8 damage to it.
  • They fire UCB-100 batteries.

Cargo drop Edit

CARGO DROP demaner

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