Hit points 6,000
Shield 3,000
Average Damage 150 - 200
Base Speed 320
Destroy Rewards
Official Description
Fast Alien that can be hard to deal with when surrounded by a swarm of them. Especially annoying when killing a big alien (Like a Devolarium, Sibelon or Mordon) because they will come in swarms, taking your life by a bunch every hit.

Saimon are fast, sleek aliens that are more powerful than the Lordakia. They tend to be troublesome when attempting to complete quests for other aliens. They are the fastest Alien of the Lower Maps.


In the game's story, they are considered alien bounty hunters. BigBoy ships with no speed generators should take caution, but are usually more than capable of destroying Saimon before it destroys you. In swarms, however, they can overrun a careless pilot's ship. A Saimon has 320 speed and can outrun a (without speed generators) Goliath, BigBoy, Liberator, and have the same speed as the Phoenix. Caution must be taken if you are a new player as it will take time and other aliens can assist the Saimon.

Later in the game, Saimons are not a problem, but you will wish they would disappear. When fighting a slow Sibelon, Saimon will creep up on you in swarms and assist the Sibelon. In an even longer fight (for example: Boss Sibelon) you will attract the attention of mobs of aliens which will continuously attack your ship.


Saimon are located in:

Cargo Drop

Regular Ore Premium Ore
Prometium Endurium Terbium Prometid Duranium Promerium Xenomit
40 40 40 2 2 0 0


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