Big Boy Bigpoint Red


Big Boy Green

A Ship is the main transportation vessel in the game that allows players to move throughout space and battle other players or aliens using weapons. Ships are required as every player must have one, even if it's a Phoenix, all the way to a Goliath. The ships are usually available to purchase any time in the Shop, usually costing Credits and Uridium. Most of the time you will see a special event that hosts a new ship or design for a certain time. Some ships can be won through Payment options, or through Auction to be bid on.

Unlisted ships are Big Boy Bigpoint (BB-Red) and Big Boy Green (BB-Green).

The current newest ships are Liberator Plus, Goliath Plus and Citadel Plus.

Phoenix icon.png Yamato icon.png Ronin icon.png Defcom icon.png Raven icon.png Liberator icon(owned).png Liberator plus.png
Piranha icon.png Nostromo icon.png Diplomat icon(not owned).png Envoy icon(not owned).png Ambassador icon.png Bigboy icon.png Solemnshop.png
Leonov icon.png Vengeance icon.png Revenge icon.png Avenger icon.png Adept icon.png Corsair icon.png Lightning icon.png
Goliath icon.png Goliath plus.png Bastion icon.png Enforcer icon.png Veteran icon.png Exalted icon.png Centaur icon.png
Saturn icon(not owned).png Ignite icon.png Goal icon.png Kick icon.png Referee icon.png Peacemaker icon.png Sovereign icon.png
Vanquisher icon.png Surgeon icon(not owned).png GChampionShopYes.png Goliath-x icon.png Allcompspearhead.png Allcompspearheadveteran.png Allcompspearheadelite.png
Allcompaegis.png Allcompaegisveteran.png Allcompaegiselite.png Allcompcitadel.png Allcompcitadelveteran.png Allcompcitadelelite.png Citadel plus.png
Diminisher icon.png Sentinel icon.png Solace icon.png Spectrum icon.png Venom icon.png TartarusShopYes.png Mimesis icon(not owned).png
Hammerclaw icon(not owned).png Cyborg icon(not owned).png PusatShopYes.png Hecate-hangar.png Centurion (not unlocked).png Disruptor-hangar.png Berserker Icon.png
Zephyr-hangar.png SolarisShopYes.png Keres Owned.png Retiarus Owned.png Orcus.jpg Holo.png
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  • 02/09/2021 - Videos from Shop are now static images.
    • This means that every ship available in shop is no longer going to use the animation it's using from Hangar.
  • All ships now have a 100,000 extra health bonus.