Speed is the rate at which player and Alien instances move at on the space maps, and vary from speeds such as the slow Boss Kucurbium, to the fast moving Protegit.


Each ship has a base speed that can be increased by adding Speed Generators . However, you do not need to purchase one to actually move, it simply adds to the total of your ship's speed. But keep in mind, Speed in DarkOrbit is a must and is required to chase after or run from enemies at any time. To new players, don't aim to have only Speed on your ship, it's not as useful when you can't do nothing but go fast.

The Speed you go at can be calculated by this:

  • Go to the edge of the screen (when it is on full screen), it's about 650 units. While moving to that location, it goes by per second a unit, so a Goliath's max speed is 450 per second, that's nearly the edge of where you were 1 second ago.

Increasing SpeedEdit

The best way to increase your speed is to get a faster ship. This might not always be desirable, but ships with faster base speed generally have the best maximum speed too. Adding Promerium and Speed generators will increase your base speed. Some ship abilities also affect speed. Refer to the following table for common ships used for speed

Speed chart
Ship name Generator slots Base speed With G3N-7900 Promerium boost Ability Wheel drone formation
Goliath 15 300 450 540 N/A


Spearhead 12 370 490 588 N/A


Vengeance 10 380 480 576 748 for 5 seconds Lightning skill only


785 for 5s

Pusat 12 370 490 588 N/A


Tartarus 15 220 370 444 577


Surgeon 16 300 460 552 N/A 579
Citadel 20 240 440 528 540 for 5 seconds ???