Hit points 800
Shield 400
Average Damage 15-20
Base Speed 280
Destroy Rewards
Official Description
Currently the weakest of aliens. Located in X-1, X-2.

The Streuner is the weakest and the first Aliens to be found in the game, mainly due to them being on the starting maps, X-1 and X-2. They are passive aliens which means they only attack players who shoot at them first. Also note, another version does exist. Being the weakest alien in the entire game, their rewards are only recommended for new players.


Streuner offer easy EP and Credits to newer players and tend to wander around unless fired upon.

Lore Edit

"What is the actual difference between serving an alien monster or serving a miner corporation?"
As mentioned by the Sibelon Emperor in the Kupier Galaxy Gates. Streuners are humans who submitted to the rule of the Sibelon instead of the three major mining companies (EIC, VRU and MMO).


Streuner are found in:

Cargo dropEdit

Regular Ore Premium Ore
Prometium Endurium Terbium Prometid Duranium Promerium Xenomit Seprom
10 10 0 0 0 0 0 0

Reward and cargo reductionEdit

From level 7 and up, killing a Streuner in your own X-1 map will result in partial or complete reduction of rewards. Killing Streuners on your X-2 map will give you the full rewards no matter what your level is.

Rewards from Streuner kills on home X-1 maps.
Level Loot Cargo drop
Level 6 or below. 400 EP , 400 Credits, 2 Honor, 1 Uridium 10 Prometium , 10 Endurium
Level 7 200 EP, 200 Credits, 1 Honor 5 Prometium , 5 Endurium
Level 8 100 EP, 100 Credits 2 Prometium, 2 Endurium
Level 9 50 EP, 50 Credits 1 Prometium, 1 Endurium
Level 10 25 EP, 25 Credits Nothing
Level 11 12 EP, 12 Credits Nothing
Level 12 6 EP, 6 Credits Nothing
Level 13 3 EP, 3 Credits Nothing
Level 14 1 EP, 1 Credit Nothing
Level 15+ Nothing Nothing

New DesignEdit

An update that occured on December 9, 2011, updated the graphics of the Streuner to what it is now.


  • Streuner have the lowest HP in the game, even the Uber Streuner should only be feared by weaker ships. However, they are slightly hard to find and you will be encountering other Uber aliens much more often.
  • Streuner have the same graphics as the Yamato ship with a red hue.
  • The word "Streuner" is German for "Strays".

Other VersionsEdit

  • The Boss Streuner is a stronger version of the Streuner, which is slightly bigger and is silver in color, it has x4 health and shields, and is found in X-2.
  • The Uber Streuner is an even stronger version of the Streuner, which looks the same but has x8 health and shields, and is found in the PvP map 4-5. It is still nothing to be feared though.
  • The StreuneR is a much stronger version of the Streuner. It looks different, and is found in X-8 maps.
  • The Aider Streuner is found in X-2 (maybe in X-1?) maps. They also have a glowing green light around them and are almost always in groups of 4.
  • The Recruit Streuner is found in X-2 maps. They have an agressive behavior, attacking and chasing after the player.

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