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Team Deathmatch (TDM) is a tournament, where a maximum of 10 members of two different companies can compete against each other. The Matches are 10 minutes long and are held on a special TDM map; after the 10 minutes are up the Team with the highest number of surviving member's wins. If there is a tie, both teams lose. There are two different TDM-Maps with different access requirements:

  • For the first map you need to be Level 1-10 and the jump gates are located on the X-4 maps.
  • In order to access the second map you need to be level 11. The jump gates for that map can be found on the X-6 maps.

You register at a PvP Gate by clicking the jump portal button, however you don't jump on the map instantly. You will be put in a queue for the following matches and will automatically be warped on the map when it is your turn. Every 15 minutes a new match is started. 

Team Deathmatch

Randomly mixed teams of one Company fight against another randomly mixed team of the other company. If you win the match your own team will be filled with fresh players and the losing team will be replaced by a new team of a different Company. If a player leaves the map which holds the PvP Gate to the TDM map they will be taken out of the waiting queue for TDM.


This is the old map background of the Team Deathmatch map.