The Ore Terbium

Terbium is the yellow colored primary Ore and is worth the most out of the three primary Ores. The default price for selling Terbium is 25 Credits per unit. However, like all other Ores, Terbium can be sold for more if the user who is selling it has a high amount of Honor.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Terbium is found inX-2 , X-3 and X-4.


Terbium is used along with Endurium to create a secondary Ore called Duranium.The formula used is:

  • 20 Terbium
  • 10 Endurium

= 1 Duranium

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Terbium is a real metal, with the symbol Tb and atomic number 65. However, the real life Terbium is silver-colored, while it is shown yellow in DarkOrbit.
  • You should keep a constant eye on your mini-map when picking up Terbium floating around the map. It takes about 3 seconds to collect and is considered time consuming.
  • Terbium is often abbreviated as terb by many players.
  • It is the most valuable of the primary ores.
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