Terminology is an essential part of the game. Many players can say they are experts in this area while others may be brand new. So below you will find important slangs and terms that can further increase your knowledge on DarkOrbit! Feel free to add any that may be missing.

General terms Edit

Common terms found throughout gameplay:

  • DO = DarkOrbit
  • Port = Portal
  • GG = Galaxy gate
  • TL, TR = Top Left, Top Right
  • BL, BR = Bottom Left, Bottom Right
  • Lowers = lower level maps; X-1 to X-4
  • Uppers = upper level maps, X-5 to X-8
  • B Maps = battle maps / P Maps = pirate maps
  • Base / Home = X-1 or X-8 friendly maps
  • Uber Maps = 4-5, location where Uber Alien are
  • Pop / Popped = to destroy another player's ship
  • Jump = switch between maps using portals
  • Rep = repair ship using a rep bot
  • DMZ = demilitarized zone
  • Box / Boxing = to collect boxes
  • Raid / Raiding = to invade any enemy player's map
  • TS = TeamSpeak, third party software to communicate with other players
  • Wallet Warrior = derogatory term used to describe someone who spends large amounts of money frequently to reach either FE or UE faster than normal
  • botting = players that may be using a hack or system to have an advantage over another player; strictly forbidden!
  • autolock = term used to describe a player that may be using a bot to automatically lock onto a player
  • Company traitor (or killer) = describes a player in which attacks or steals from their own company.

Company terms Edit

The three companies available:

Pilot sheet/Shop/Currency terms Edit

Anything relating to shop items, currency and upgrades:

Ammunition terms Edit

Colors of lasers and names of the ammunition it uses:

Alien terms Edit

Common terms describing the available aliens throughout the orbit:

Ore and cargo terms Edit

Terms used to describe floating ore and raw cargo material: