Hit points 60,000
Shield 50,000
Average Damage 700-1,000
Base Speed Between 290-310
Destroy Rewards
Official Description
One of the main defenders of the UFO, unleashed throughout the gate as an attempt to stop the player from reaching it.

Overview Edit

The Ufonit is the main defender of the UFO in the Vortex of Terror galaxy gate.

About this Alien Edit

While being very weak individually, this alien will come in swarms at an attempt to defend the main NPC of the wave, whether it be the Uber Sibelon or UFO.

Using kamikaze from your P.E.T 10 is a good idea to clear them quickly before advancing onto the main aliens.

Trivia Edit

  • The Ufornit will not defend small aliens such as the Lordakia.
  • They come in bigger spawns as the gate goes on.
  • The average speed is hard to calculate because it is slower than a goliath but still lands attacks and deals damage.
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